Review: Fallout 3

While gamers were spending hours upon hours exploring Oblivion, Bethesda was hard at work creating a game just as massive. The third title in the critically acclaimed Fallout series, Fallout 3 is further proof that Bethesda means business when it comes to creating deep games. It’s finally a game that post-apocalyptic fans can call their own.

The story of Fallout 3 is well-crafted, especially for a game of its size. Fallout 3 takes place in a post-apocalyptic United States in the year 2277. After a nuclear disaster, much of the world’s population was wiped out. Those who didn’t die formed cities out of remnants of the world, or went below the cities to live in “vaults”. Vaults are basically large bomb shelters that were meant to house people in case of a disaster. However, many people have been living in them for decades, forming their own societies. You start off in Vault 101, a vault just outside of Washington D.C.


It’s apparent how deep the experience of Fallout 3 will be from the beginning. Instead of starting as an adult version of your character and never aging, you actually start off as a baby and progress through your childhood. While none of these stages last very long, it’s a very cool addition and really makes you become more attached to your character. When you turn 19, you leave the vault to go find your father. This marks the beginning of a long and exciting journey through the beautiful decaying world of Fallout 3.

There’s a huge amount of things to see and people to talk to in Fallout 3. While at times it may feel overwhelming, it’s very fun to explore the cities and talk to people in the game. Conversations can be very detailed and can even last a few minutes. While there’s always a main quest you’re on, you can choose to do a large amount of sidequests from the characters you talk to. The sidequests are almost always entertaining and feel like a part of the main game.

Sometimes it’s fun to just walk around the world and explore. The whole game has a very cool vibe that is very reminiscent of post-apocalyptic classics like A Boy and His Dog and Mad Max: Beyond the Thunderdome. You have to be careful while exploring, however, because you can be attacked by various creatures and people.

The combat system in Fallout 3 is very well-done. The guns handle just as well as any top first person shooter. There are many different firearms and other weapons to choose from, the skill of which can be upgraded as you level up. If the action is too chaotic, you can switch to “V.A.T.S”, which basically makes the combat turn-based.


Closing Comments:

Fallout 3 is the biggest accomplishment in adventure gaming since Oblivion. It’s incredible how fun and deep this game is. Everything in the game, from the graphics to the sound, is very well done. With a ton a quests and a huge world to explore, Fallout 3 will keep you busy until the next Bethesda release.
Versions Reviewed: Xbox 360, PS3, PC