External Arcade Stick Working on PlayStation Vita

Japanese modder Imaging LABO does DIY hardware modification to various gaming systems including a driving stick and a PlayStation controller compatible on a Nintendo 3DS.

Recently one of his main projects has an arcade stick compatible on a PlayStation Vita.

For those who have been paying attention, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is one of the major launch games for the Vita. This version uses the same mechanics where players who remember combos on consoles can be able to do the same on the Vita.

This arcade stick modification seems to provide an ideal answer for those who practice on consoles and want to do it on the go (even if it ruins the principle of being a handheld). If examined closely, there’s noticeable input lag that can be a disadvantage for heavy timing in fighting games.

Although an experimental modification, it’s still an interesting idea that arcade stick makers should look into. For practice, it can help avoid the issue of carrying pounds of equipment like a monitor and a console. If they can minimize lag, this could certainly become big in the fighting community.