Racoon City DLC Debut + An Interview with Capcom’s Brian Keltner

It seems to be upon us, whether we like it or not. After Resident Evil 5 proved to fans that the fourth installment was no fluke, we wanted more. Operation Raccoon City is coming soon, in five days for 360 and PS3 (PC version available on 5/18/12). Also announced was additional DLC called The Spec Ops Mission. The gameplay pins the Spec Ops team against the Umbrella Secret Service (U.S.S.) in an attempt to discover the source of the initial Raccoon City outbreak, all the while the zombies and B.O.W.s stand between you and your answers. The DLC timeline exists between RE2 and RE3. It takes place during Jill Valentine’s never ending escape from Nemesis. Did someone grumble STARS? I couldn’t hear over all those rockets launching at my face.

HardcoreGamer reached out to Capcom for you. So what did they have to say about the DLC?

The Spec Ops Mission is available on April 20th. Wait, DLC just a month after the release date? Does that mean they rushed the game before it was completed? Or is it simply that they took their time with the extra DLC mission? It seems to be common practice now to shoot out some DLC right after the launch dates, so I would like to believe Capcom knows what they’re doing.

The next question: does Capcom plan on updating Operation Raccoon City with episodic DLC similar to the L.A. Noire missions? That would be pretty cool, right?

In an interview with Capcom’s Brian Keltner, Hardcore Gamer was able to shed a little bit of light on some of the upcoming Resident Evil events.

Khris G: Are we to expect episodic entries…missions available for future downloads…?

Brian Kiltner: The only DLC we have announced outside of the Nemesis Mode Exclusive for Xbox 360 is the Spec Ops Mission.

KG: Are we to expect any sort of tie-in with the DLC for Resident Evil 6?

BK: We have made no announcements at this time

KG: Is this DLC going to be available on both PSN and XBLA?

BK: Yes, the Spec Ops Mission with be available for both PSN (April 10) and XBLA (April 11)

KG: Speaking of, will the HD Collection be a PS3 exclusive, or will it eventually be released for 360 as well?

BK: The RE Chronicles HD Collection is a PS3 exclusive. They are re-mastered based on the titles previously available for Wii.

No announcements about the DLC tie-in? Sounds like a diplomatic maybe to me! Regardless, good and bad news for XBOX 360 fans who were looking forward to a possible Kinect adaptation of RE: Chronicles. One can always hope Capcom changes their mind. In the meantime, 360 players get to spend quality time with the XBLA exclusive Nemesis Mode.