Gunslinger Stratos Exhibition Events Featuring Daigo Umehara

Square-Enix will shortly begin public testing of their latest third person shooter Gunslinger Stratos in various Japanese arcades with various popular fighting game players including the renowned Daigo Umehara.

The game utilizes players to standup and control and shoot with two lightgun peripherals at a 60-inch plasma television. Along with link play of up to four players, there will be special units that allows others to compete against the rest of Japan in online mode.

Daigo Umehara

Square-Enix is planning to have the events held in April in three popular arcades in the Tokyo and Osaka areas between April 4-22. Players at the event can keep their statistics for the final release in the summer through the use of the NESiCA system.

Daigo Umehara, known for his performances in fighting games and “EVO moment #37,” will be participating in the events along with some of his fellow players such as Hajime “Tokido” Taniguchi and Kenryo “Mago” Hayashi. Umehara-san will also be in related events featuring voice actors from Gunslinger Stratos.

It might be unlikely that Gunslinger Stratos will appear outside Japan but it can a good opportunity for Square-Enix to make a PlayStation 3 version with PlayStation Move support or at least a special peripheral.