Why Did Media Outlets Assume the Neo Geo X Would be £500?

Being huge SNK fans, we’ve been following the Neo Geo X pretty closely. You can read our articles about it here and here. When researching the console for a feature, we stumbled across this article from Time. Check out some quotes from it below:

“Remember the absurdly expensive Neo Geo? It was SNK’s $650 console, released in the early ’90s with equally pricey games like Samurai Shodown and Metal Slug. Now you can relive the experience of paying way too much money for a video game system with the handheld Neo Geo X!”

According to Pocket Lint, the new portable will come equipped with a 3.5-inch LCD screen, SD card slot and 20 games already built in — all for the price of £500 (US$786.75)”

“Let that sink in a bit. In the U.K., where the Neo Geo X is being released, you can buy the new iPad for £399 (US$627.83). Who needs a Retina display when you can play Fatal Fury for £100 more?”

“Why you would want to spend nearly $800 on a handheld to play games you can download at the PlayStation Store for $6.99 is between you and your maker.”

As you can see, practically the entire article is a rant about the ridiculous £500 price tag of the console, which is absolutely ridiculous itself without any concrete evidence that the price would be £500. It’s not just Time, either. Digital Spy, Computerandvideogames and VG247 all posted similar stories.

It’s frustrating how something so obviously ridiculous can be reported by so many different sources without any effort to confirm it. If you look at the retailer’s website, similar devices range from £20-£40. Obviously, there’s no way the Neo Geo X will cost anything close to £500.

After all these articles were posted, a Blaze spokesperson indeed told Eurogamer the £500 price tag reported was incorrect.

“Its not £500,” they confirmed. Apparently MCV’s figure was based on a month’s old forum post from a community member declaring what he’d be willing to pay for it.

We normally wouldn’t criticize other outlet’s articles, but quite frankly we’re fed up with the blatant lack of effort in gaming journalism. An article is posted and gets regurgitated by multiple outlets until it must be true.

But hey, as long as the twitter clicks keep coming, who cares if what you write is accurate?