Amazon Launches Massive Spring PC Digital Download Sale

(The other day we posted an article praising Amazon, but we’re not shills for them. Really! Yes, it’s true every shirt I wear has their logo on it, but that’s just because I’m starting a fashion trend. So let it go.)

Rivaling Steam’s awesome deals, Amazon has just launched a massive sale for PC Digital Downloads. There are over 175 games included and Amazon’s distribution service is really seamless. The sale runs from April 5th-April 15th. Of course there’s far too many games to list here, but here are some highlights:

The Darkness II – $12.49

Serious Sam 2 – $3

Serious Sam 3: BF3 – $12

Dragon Age Pack – $9.99

Ship Simulator Extremes – $6

L.A. Noire – $4.99

Red Faction Armageddon – $4.99

Grand Theft Auto IV – $4.99

Crysis 2 – $7.49

Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine – $4.99

Yes, you read that right; Ship Simulator Extremes for only $6. Why would you even bother looking at anything else? Fine then, head over to Amazon to see them all.