Indie Royale Spring Bundle Now Available

The latest Indie Royale bundle has hit the interwebs. Six games are now available for as little as about $5. For your $5 (or any amount you choose), you’ll get The Unstoppable Gorg, Depths of Peril, Tobe’s Vertical Adventure (and its soundtrack) , Inferno+, Syldris, and Ballistic. The first three games are available via either installers, Steam, or Desura, while the last three aren’t available on Steam yet. As a bonus to those paying more than $5, you’ll also get the chiptune album Roots. Extras like that are pretty common with these bundles, so don’t be surprised if a little extra spending yields more games and soundtrack albums, although none are known right now. If any of the games interest you, be sure to buy it ASAP because the price does fluctuate as time goes on. If people pay above the minimum, it goes down, and if they pay less, it goes up.