Kung Fu Superstar Announced

It wasn’t long ago that former Lionhead Stuidos developer, Kostas Zarifis, broke off to start his own company under the name of Kinesthetic Games. Today the company has unveiled that they have been working with the motion control setup of Kinect for their next game, Kung Fu Superstar, a more hardcore experience than we may have seen from Kinect games in the past.

Kung Fu Superstar will have you in control of Danny Cheng, a wannabe Kung Fu master who wants to display his bone breaking moves in Hollywood. Perform Kung Fu specific techniques in order to progress through the game and dismantle your opponents, whether they be a single foe or group. Superstar will track your limbs, similar to games like Dance Central, and match that to your avatar on screen. This seems to be aimed towards the more serious players as a more intense action-oriented fighter.