Because We May Promotion Launches

The massive Because We May deal week has started, and dramatically reduces the prices of dozens of games across a variety of sales platforms. Google Play, the iOS amd Mac app stores, Steam, Desura, IndieVania, and even the Xbox Indie Game marketplace are supported for this promotion. Many games are available directly from the developers as well, including NyxQuest, which some may remember as a WiiWare highlight, and sees its price go from $10 to a mere $3 until 6/1, when the promotional offer ends. Steam highlights include Psychonauts for $5, Super Meat Boy for $5, and a $4 combo of the two Penny Arcade games. Like the bundles, this sale is a great way to try out some really good indie gaming without spending much money, and I can’t imagine someone not finding at least one new game to enjoy given the myriad of platforms being supported.