Quantic Dream to Reveal Next Game at E3?

Famed french developer Quantic Dream, well known for Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain, has been adamant in their statements about not jumping to a new set of consoles anytime soon. They recently displayed their new game engine through a short rendered video by the name “Kara”, as shown below, pushing the boundaries of visual expectations from the six-year-old system. Now rumors have begun to circulate that we will get to see not one, but two, games running on their newly revamped engine in the near future. CVG has reported, through a trusty worthy “senior development source” that the company is planning to unveil at least one of their titles during this year’s E3 Sony press conference.

With only a week away from E3, I wouldn’t be surprised to see David Cage take to the stage floor and display what they’ve been working on. We all know Sony is already prepping for big announcements, and with their two big named studios, Naughty Dog and SCE Santa Monica Studio, having already revealed what they’re working on, a Quantic Dream game reveal is not out of the question. Be sure to check back here to see whether or not the dream becomes a reality (pun intended).