Papo & Yo E3 Trailer

The more information that comes out for Papo & Yo, the stranger and stranger the game becomes. First it was revealed your character would be aided by some deceivingly gentle giant, now the world is turn up side down… literally. The new E3 trailer shows the rotation of the world along with some wild dream-like abilities that the main character is capable of performing. Surely I’m not the only one who would love to run along walls and have my own jet pack. It is still unknown what kind of game this is, though. Is it a platformer, puzzler, adventure, all of the above?

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of Papo & Yo, it’s a surprisingly deep and depressing one. Papo & Yo tells the childhood story of creative director at Minority, Vander Caballero. He described his early life with his father to be a complicated one, one with drugs and alcohol. The giant named Yo is the father, and his addiction in the game is represented by frogs which turn him into a violent and uncontrollable beast. It’s quite bold to put your life out on display to millions, but it how it’s represented that looks very unique.