Tomb Raider Gameplay Trailer

It wasn’t even two weeks ago that Crystal Dynamics dropped the bad news that Tomb Raider wouldn’t make its initial release window, yet the release date has now been confirmed. With the release date comes a fantastic three-and-a-half-minute long E3 gameplay trailer that shows off some very exciting moments in Lara’s travels. Expect to hunt animals, avoid and dismantle traps and of course, fend off perverted mad men March 5, 2013.

While Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics generated a good amount of buzz by revealing that the game would be delayed into next year, having a specific release date announcement so soon after is irritating. They could have waited until E3 to gives us the bad news and sugar coat it with some really nice “gameplay”, as seen in the trailer. Instead, for two and a half weeks we were left wondering if the game would be at E3 and trying gauge expectations and anticipation. Regardless, what was shown looks most promising if the reliance on quick-time events is kept to a minimum.