E3 2012: Day 1 Wrap-Up

Hopefully you followed our Live Blog and viewed the image galleries we just put live, but if not, we’ll run down the days events from my (Dack) perspective. If you’re hungry for more substantial coverage of the games we mention, check back in the coming days for full previews.

Even though the Halls didn’t open until 12 P.M, the convention center already had thousands of people walking around. Once the South Hall opened, it was a mad dash to find your favorite booths or report to an early meeting. First up was SOE where Planetside 2 was shown. If you played the first game, you know the general set-up, but Planetside 2 has improved on the formula in almost every way. The emphasis on teamwork is very creative, even going so far as to integrate your iPhone to converse with your clan mates when away from the heat of battle.

After checking out Planetside 2, it was off to the Concourse level for behind closed-door demos of THQ’s offerings. First up was Metro Last Light, a fantastic looking post-apocolyptic game. Next, we viewed a demo of Company of Heroes 2. I’ve never been into the series myself, but if you like it, you’ll probably dig this as it’s much more dynamic. Finally, we got a hands-on demo of Darksiders II and were impressed by the easy-to-play combat and nice Tomb Raider style exploration.

Another behind closed-door demo came in way of Bethesda, who demoed The Elder Scrolls Online and Dishonored. Both titles look very strong, if not entirely captivating.

We checked out Pixwoo.com, a very promising new social media site focusing on the game industry. We’ll have more on it in the coming days.

As for the show floor itself, I demoed Aliens Colonial Marines over at Sega, which is looking as good as I had hope. The combat and graphics are fluid and fun and the setting simply cannot be beat. Jet Set Radio looks fantastic on Vita, as does Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz. After a day of playing groundbreaking games, it was great to revisit such a downright fun series. Addictive challenging gameplay is what games should be all about, so I applaud franchise like Monkey Ball for keeping that sentiment going strong.

There’s much more that our team (and myself!) experienced at E3 today, but now you’ve got the highlights. Keep checking back for full write-ups of everything we’ve experienced.