Wreck-It Ralph

Set in the expansive world of video games, Disney’s newest animated feature about an arcade villain going good looks very promising. Wreck-It Ralph stars John C. Reilly as the title character, an antagonist of Fix-It Felix Jr. He is the archetype video game villain; enraged, hulking, and destructive. He pounds and smashes buildings while Felix, the game’s protagonist, repairs the damage and saves endangered civilians.

In the trailer, Ralph attends meetings with other famous video game villains to discuss their struggles and seek support from one another. Cameo appearances include Bowser from Super Mario Bros., Zangief from Street Fighter, and Clyde from Pac-Man. After 30 years of constantly playing the bad guy, Ralph wants to prove that he can become a hero. He abandons his game in search for a new role.

This heartwarming adventure comes to theaters November 2, 2012. Until then, take a sneak at the preview.