All About Pixwoo

Pixwoo is a relatively new venture that launched in UK and France a year ago and just debuted in North America. Instead of being all-encompasing like Twitter or Facebook, Pixwoo is aimed squarely at gamers. As CEO and founder Pascal Vielhescaze explained, Pixwoo isn’t meant to replace the social media sites you already visit. Infact, it will soon have integration with them. Pixwoo is more concerned with being a place for gamers to socialize.

Say for instance that you are heavily into gaming, but half of your friends list isn’t. You may be apprehensive to post about gaming, trying to spare half of your friends from apathy. With Pixwoo, you can go nuts knowing everyone shares your passion. Friends aren’t the only people you can connect with on Pixwoo, though. Developers and publishers are also encouraged to join and maintain pages. Ideally, you’ll be notified about major news or job openings straight from the source.

One nice feature of Pixwoo is how supportive it is to those who haven’t made connections. When users sign up, they’re given a site “DNA” generated from profile information. Based on this, Pixwoo matches people up with similar interests. If you’re unsure what to do, you can simply view “Pixwoo Mix”, which is a snapshot of current activities happening on the site.

In the end, Pixwoo’s success hinges on how well the community embraces it. It needs to be different enough from Facebook/Twitter to warrant use, yet still be integrated with it — certainly a tough feat to achieve.  iOS/Android support is important as well (which I was assured is being worked on). If embraced by gamers and video game companies, however, Pixwoo has an opportunity to become a hub for the industry. Only time well tell.