E3 in lots and lots of pictures

The traditional pre-E3 feast. I still don't know why they're on the same plate together, but Yum! anyway.

The WiiU is life-sized, and Reggie is much smaller than I expected.

I have no words. Endless giggling, but no words.

There's loads of cars scattered throughout the show, inside and out.

Outside the West Hall, one of the two major show rooms of the convention center.

There's plenty of room in front of the West Hall, so all sorts of game-related vehicles congregate in front of it. Not usually of the flying variety, though.

Despite decorating the escalators with Sonic, they still just moved at standard speed. It was very disappointing.

Coming into the West Hall, Atlus has prime real estate. You need to walk past them to get to Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony.

Nintendo had a bit of a theme-park style this year. A kid-friendly park where all the rides are super-safe and not a hard edge to be found anywhere, but theme park nonetheless.

Inside each of these be-ribboned areas was one of five mini-games from the Ninteno World mini-game collection. Play a game, get the pin that goes with it. I think everyone on the show floor played all five games out of sheer bull-headed collector mentality.

The crowds can be a bit intimidating at times.

The PSP/Vita section of Sony's booth. In all fairness, it was still early in the morning day 3 when this picture was taken.

Papa & Yo, Dyad, Hell Yeah!, and Sound Shapes. One of the most pure concentrations of gaming awesomeness on the show floor.

That's.... a lot of people.

And that's significantly fewer people. It got busier later, honest.

The only way this car could go faster is if it was yellow.

Heading out of the West Hall, around the corner just as you start down the councourse, was Indiecade. So much great stuff here! Also, on the other side of that black wall, a live instrumental group was playing video game music, right in the hear of the Into the Pixel art show. Just a lovely, relaxing area.

Eating under the watchful doom-filled gaze of Master Chief.

I have to admit, I just don't get Adventure Time. A giant inflatable Finn & Jake doesn't make it any clearer. Retro City Rampage, which was in the same booth, is much more my speed. Hands-on ultra-short Retro City Rampage preview- oh god yes more please!

The Harvest Moon cow never stops being adorable. This year's model was inflatable, rather than being a giant stuffy.

I honestly forget which RTS this display was for, but that's a setup to put you in the mood for nuke launching.

Yes, that's me. There was a large rolling ladder you climbed up to sit in there, which they pulled away for pictures. Sadly, the robot wasn't animatronic.

The aliens were fine with the Golden Gate Bridge in general, right up to learning of the $6.00 toll. The situation spiraled rapidly out of control from there.

Rocking out to Rocksmith.

Deep in the heart of South Hall, which stretches on forever and contains an infinite number of people.

Say what you will about booth babes, she was a pro. It took three tries to get this to come out right due to glare off the car hood, and she kept on smiling.

Square-Enix's booth. Out of frame to the right is Final Fantasy Theatrhythm, which desperately needed noise-canceling headphones to be playable.

It's hard to see, but the moogle is saying Kupo! I need that glass in the worst way.

Scary from the front...

...significantly less so when looking at her butt.

Toot toot stock car racer, toot toot stock car racer!

Hell Yeah!? Hell Yeah!

Nice as the Borderlands 2 display was, the 2+ hour wait to play the demo was a bit much. Too bad, the t-shirt swag for playing was nice enough to actually be worth wearing.

In retrospect, I wish I'd played a round of two of Scribblenauts Unlimited. No matter how well you plan, there's always a game or two you'd like to go back for.

Back at the Atlus booth, snagging one of the very popular Persona t-shirts. You can stand beside the booth babe, but thou shalt not touch.

The Videogame History Museum corner. So much old and rare wonderful stuff in one spot! Home systems, handhelds, arcade games, peripherals, computers, the works.

You would not believe how many of those I owned when I was young.

The very last booth babe pic, promise.

Another thing to have your picture taken while sitting inside. After a while you can only stand in so many lines, though, so I passed.

Giganto-display, go! Although to be fair, a classic JRPG with art design by Studio Ghibli warrants it.

Ubisoft had Just Dance 4 all over the show floor. Nintendo, Microsoft, and Ubisoft all had dancing areas. They really didn't want you to forget it existed for more than a few seconds at a time.

The Brave area was actually kind of peaceful, although the illusion was broken a bit by the flood of noise from all around.

The sign says this was a rare arcade game from the 80s, only 185 made, and anyone with a copy should contact Disney. It looked real enough that it actually inspired some doubt as to whether Disney had bought an actual super-obscure arcade game to base their movie off of. It's does an excellent job of being a very convincing fake.

Kinda makes you want to test the suspension by bouncing it over alien terrain, doesn't it?

The only possible reward for all that walking was a bacon-wrapped hot dog. My arteries will forgive me someday, maybe, but oh god was that tasty!