No Man’s Land Launches on PlayStation Home

PlayStation Home has played host to a variety of games, and the newest just launched. No Man’s Land is a free-to-play third-person cover-based shooter. It’s the first of its kind on a console, and should help scratch some itchy trigger fingers without the need to spend money. Cover-based shooters aren’t quite as common on the PS3, so having one to play without any necessary expense is nice and the graphics look pretty good. The game’s commerce system is going to evolve over time, but for now, every weapon and piece of armor outside of the default set is available for purchase.

Two modes of play are included. Scavenger mode sees teams collect salvage from the city in a makeshift capture the flag game, only with multiple salvage packs available for pickup. Team deathmatch is what it is – if you’ve played a shooter in the past decade, you’ll know to try and help your team to kill as many enemies as possible.