Take Flight In The Beautifully Crafted World of FLY’N

The small team at Ankama, developers of such strong properties as WAKFU and DOFUS, have released the first trailer for the upcoming title, FLY’N. FLY’N is a unique platformer headed to PC this fall and will feature four playable Bud with around forty different levels. As you can probably tell from the video, the world is absolutely¬†gorgeous, offering rich and vibrant colors and stunning animations.

Each bud, which cleverly spells out the name of the title, will have different abilities to help you progress through the game, or get through certain areas with ease. Flyn has his voice to interact with the environment, Lyft can stick to walls, Ywok can break blocks when inflated, and Nyls can freeze and propel himself through the air.

FLY’N will be released through digital vendors this fall.