Dragon’s Dogma Surpasses The Million Mark

While some companies have trouble producing a million copies, Capcom seems to do it with ease. The Japanese company has announced that Dragon’s Dogma is now their 55th game to break one million shipped mark. It’s not a huge surprise considering the popularity in Japan, and it did fairly well in North America, selling nearly 100k copies in a little over a week, but they still have another half a million to go before they meet their expectations.

Dragon’s Dogma is an open world adventure filled with tons of mystery and lore. Capcom has developed and setup a strong starting point for the franchise, establishing fluent gameplay mechanics that have the best elements of Dark Souls and Monster Hunter combined. A word brimming with exploration and epic boss battles from some of our most beloved mythological creatures, Dragon’s Dogma is something to revel in. With it surpassing one million wordwide, hopefully Capcom will continue supporting their new franchise and eventually release a followup.