Far Cry 3 Delayed

We got our hands on Far Cry 3 at E3 this year and were pleasantly pleased at how well it turned out, so much so it won our shooter of the show award, but some unfortunate news has come to light about when the game will actually ship. Ubisoft has revealed today that Far Cry 3 will no longer meet the scheduled September 4th release date, but instead be released exactly three months on December 4th in North America. For our UK readers, it will ship four days earlier on November 29th.

At least the game will ship this year, but it will not make that magical cutoff point of November 22nd (Thanksgiving), something most companies strive to make. Another big concern will be whether or not PC fans will get the game by year’s end, as Ubisoft has been known to push PC versions a month or two to generate sales for the console releases. Being that Far Cry started on the PC, hopefully this will be an exception. In any case, be prepared late November/early December to fend for yourself and rescue the girl against the psychopathic Vaas.