Medabots Coming to 3DS

If you didn’t think Medabots still existed, you’re not alone. After all, It’s been over 10 years since its year-long Fox Kids stint, after which it all but disappeared in the United States. Yet, it’s been going strong all this time in Japan, where it’s spawned multiple games and manga.

Taking the series into the third dimension will be Medabots 7, slated to come out September 13th in Japan for the 3DS. The game will have an emphasis on AR cards, used to spawn Medabots.  The first run will include 32 AR cards at no addiontal cost. Being that the game comes in two versions, Kabuto or Kuwgata, those who want all 64 will need to purchase both. It’s unclear whether AR cards will be sold in “booster pack” form outside of the first release.

In addition to the AR card madness, Medabots 7 features 140 different Medabot models with over 5700 combinations. We’ve uploaded a handful of screenshots, in addition the official trailer  below. Head over to the official website for more.

There’s a snowball’s chance in hell this gets localized, so you better start boning up on your Japanese if you want to play it.