Digital Extremes Working on Free-to-Play Shooter

Having come fresh off their latest release of The Darkness II, Digital Extremes has revealed their next project to be WARFRAME, a free-to-play game filled with guns and swordplay. WARFRAME will feature strong cooperative gameplay, which is strange considering the company’s past experience in competitive multiplayer, and what looks like space ninjas! Face off against well suited soldiers as you blast and hack your way through waves of enemies.

If you watch the trailer below, it actually has a striking resemblance to the first game announced this generation, Dark Sector, but when it was all about space and stealth, not viruses and monsters. Perhaps the concept stayed alive and was iterated on through the years, or maybe I’m just looking into things that aren’t there. Regardless, this free-to-play third-person shooter for the PC will be in its beta form soon, and will be released this Winter. If you wish to participate in the beta, head over to their website to signup.