Kinect Game ‘Haunt’ is Free For the Week

One of the few Kinect games that actually works more times than not is Haunt, and Microsoft is passing it out absolutely free. Running between today (June 26th) and July 2nd, Xbox users can go into the new ‘Kinect Central’ homepage on your dashboard and download the game for nothing. Unfortunately, this promotion is limited to the United States so many will be out of luck (including myself).

Haunt is an adventure game from NanaOn-Sha, a developer you probably haven’t from in awhile, as they were known for Playstation-era games Vib-Ribbon, UmJammer Lammy, and PaRappa the Rappaer. It isn’t supposed to be scary, but instead spooky, containing simple commands even a child can learn. Haunt was released back in January for the low price of 800 Microsoft Points, but now that Microsoft has an even better price for it (free), it’s about time you picked it up, don’t you think?