DmC Composers Announced

Capcom’s upcoming origin story to the Devil May Cry franchise continues to gain more ground as the publisher announced today that both Noisia and Combichrist will be composing the soundtrack. If you’re unfamiliar with the two artists know that Noisia is a group of three individuals who specalize mainly in Dubstep, while Combichrist is a little more industrial rock. That’s right, Dante’s new adventure will feature a lot more dubstep and wubwub. Combichrist on the other hand fits perfectly with what the previous games had for music.

It seems like Capcom and Ninja Theory are capitalizing on the popularity of dubstep while continuing to support what Devil May Cry is known for: heavy rock. Having seen DmC at E3, I can say that dubstep could fit the game well, being that the world they setup is always pulsating and constantly shifting. Regardless, Capcom has also released a sample track from Noisia, so judge for yourself whether you can see it fitting in the game.

Noisia – DmC Soundtrack Sample