New Company of Heroes 2 Teaser Trailer

Return to World War II as you battle against the invading Nazi forces in the upcoming real-time strategy sequel, Company of Heroes 2. THQ today has released a two a half minute long teaser trailer for Relic’s upcoming strategy game and while there isn’t necessarily any gameplay to be seen, it does educate us on the events of the World War and the lives that were lost. The teaser trailer feels like a movie trailer, putting a strong emphasis on the death toll and sacrifices that people had to endure.

It’s a good educational video that will get you pumped for the game’s 2013 release as it contains some well animated scenes offering a brief understanding of who you will be playing: the Soviet Union. It makes you think how much more the Soviet Union really did have to sacrifice compared to the rest of the world, losing nearly 26 million soldiers and citizens combined by fighting the Nazis. Engage the Nazi forces and tactically defend Russia in an all out war!