Monster Hunter 4 Launches Spring in Japan

Nintendo stole Playstation Vita’s wind in Japan when it was announced Capcom’s next installments into the incredibly popular Monster Hunter franchise would be hitting the Nintendo 3DS exclusively. The PSP games were abnormally popular, with the last two selling over a combined eight million units in the Japanese territory alone. For Sony to lose a system selling franchise such as Monster Hunter, it meant having competition take over the charts, and it’s showing.

Earlier today Capcom announced that the next main installment, Monster Hunter 4, will be released Spring of 2013 in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS. For us in the West, don’t hold your breath, as we only received two of the core Monster Hunter games in the past (the first and Monster Hunter Tri). An announcement trailer was also shown, displaying what you’ve come to expect: an open world fantasy epic populated with dragons and oversized monsters. Take a look at the trailer below.