Sony’s PSN Summer Sale Details Revealed

Starting Tuesday, 11 PSN games will drop in price for all users, with further discounts for Plus members. Gotham City Imposters, NBA Jam: On Fire Edition, Killzone 3’s multiplayer, Closure, and Worms Ultimate Mayhem will be $10.49, or $7.34 for Plus members. Shadow of the Colossus, Crysis, and Jurassic Park the Game will be $14 or 9.79 for Plus members. Rounding out the discounts are Real Steel for $7 or $4.89 for Plus members , House of the Dead III for $4.89 or $3.42 for Plus members and Infamous: Festival of Blood for $6.99 or $4.89 for Plus members. Outside of the seemingly random amount of cents for some of these things, there are some very appealing deals here. Festival of Blood for $5 is a must, and at $7, I’ll definitely be getting NBA Jam: On Fire Edition.