PSN Play 2012 Announced

Taking a cue from Xbox Live Arcade and Microsoft’s heavily promoted digital events, Sony will be promoting a bunch of new games on the Playstation Network. The annually titled, PSN Play will run between July 24th and August 27th and will feature four titles you can only get on the Playstation 3, or at least for an exclusive amount of time. These include Sound Shapes, Papa & Yo, The Expendables 2 Video Game and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The last two of the titles on the list should show up on Microsoft’s service at a later date, but Sony fans can gloat until then.

No pricing has been announced, but if you’re a Playstation Plus member, you will receive a very favorable 20% discount on each game. Not only that, but Sony is issuing a credit back system, something Microsoft dropped awhile ago, where if you buy more than one of the games, you will receive up to $10 back. A nice little discount, not to mention if you pre-order any of the games, you will receive an XMB theme.

The future continues to shine bright for the Playstation Network as it continues to evolve into a bigger and more well maintained service.