Indie Royale July Jubilee Bundle Launches

As July reaches its conclusion, the folks at Indie Royale have come up with another bundle to help close it out. For a bit under $5 presently, you can get Puzzle Agent, Geneforce Saga, the NES-inspired shooter Oniken, Mutant Storm Reloaded, Swift*Stitch, and Unepic. Every game includes a Desure key and PC download, and all but Unepic, Switch*Stitch, and Oniken are redeemable on Steam.

Bonuses include Oniken’s OST and two bonus games – Rose and Time, and Royal Ring, which comes with 100 Unepic credits. Those that pay $8 or more will get Prof. SAKAMOTO’s “Insert” album. This is one of the most appealing bundles I’ve seen in a while, largely due to it including Oniken, which would cost $5 on its own, but thanks to this bundle, you can get that and a whole slew of other games for about that same price, or throw in $3 more to take a chance on an album.