You Know You Want It: Pokemon Typing Adventure

Why aren’t there more typing games? Many fall into a blissful state of reminiscing when they hear “Mario Teaches Typing” or “Typing of the Dead”. Not only are typing games a blast to play for us seasoned internet inhabitants, but they even help kids learn how to type. It’s a win-win!

Previously only released in Japan, Pokemon Typing Adventure is making its way to Europe. Combining two things many a gamer hold near and near, Typing Adventure includes a wireless keyboard that is used to quickly type the names of Pokemon that jump out. The game, which ends if you miss four, will get progressively harder throughout the adventure.

The European release is slated for September with no word on a U.S. release. Honestly, something as glorious as this may call for an import. If you doubt me, load up a typing game and challenge a friend. You’ll have more fun than Call of Duty.