Raúl Rubio Munárriz Shares Insight Behind Deadlight

Hardcore Gamer enjoyed playing Deadlight so much we had to go behind the scenes with Tequila Work’s Raúl Rubio Munárriz. Here are the gloriously gory details!

[Khris Golder] Tequila Works is a compilation of developers and gamers from many prestigious companies. Blizzard, SCE, and MercurySteam are just a few of the big names on your collective resume. You’re tackling XBLA with one of the Summer Arcade blockbuster games. What’s it like living the dream?

[Raúl Rubio Munárriz] Tequila Works was founded in November 2009, with a group of old friends and talented veterans. We wanted to really enjoy again with what we do, and let our artisan spirit dominate all our creations. This mix of might, logic and traditional attention to detail is what makes Tequila Works a place where everybody must get passionately involved…”

[KG] It’s great to hear that you’re such a tight knit and dedicated group. It definitely shows in your work. Deadlight is here. I played it and I know firsthand gamers all over the globe are going to be anxiously waiting for your next project. Is Tequila Works planning on releasing anything else in the next few quarters?

[RRM] Ahhhh, we are indeed working on other projects. I can’t tell you more yet, but you’ll hear from us very soon.

[KG] I’m sure whatever you have in store will be worth the wait! Deadlight is much more than a side scrolling action/puzzle game. It’s a world of possibilities. I know I wouldn’t mind diving into the timeframe of ‘Patient Zero’. Can we expect any DLC featuring other playable storylines in the Deadlight universe?

[RRM] We conceived Deadlight as a universe, not the story of one man. We have a lot to show about this world. It’s up to the players if they want to come back for more!

[KG] I speak for most of us when I say sign me up. I know you all put a lot of thought into the game. There are so many nuances and details. How did you prepare yourselves for Deadlight? I know some of your team was previously involved in the makings of other horror games, but how else did you inspire yourselves?

[RRM] The apocalyptic and depressive worlds envisioned by authors like Richard Corben, deadly and beautiful, were a huge influence for some of us. Other authors to credit for our pessimistic world are J.G. Ballard, Richard Matheson, Stephen King, Robert Kirkman and Cormac McCarthy.

[KG] It sounds like you hit the books pretty hard. What else? Did you play other games or watch movies?

[RRM] The idea of using backlit silhouettes came from our Art Director, César Sampedro. He made some speed paintings focusing in beautiful backgrounds but “shadow” like characters. However, the main inspirations for the visual design were First Blood, The Goonies and The Road.The gameplay was inspired by classic cinematic platformers like Prince of Persia, Another World and Flashback. You know, the player against a deadly environment where a misstep means instant death. Balancing frustration and challenge has been… stressful.

[KG] Well, we appreciate the hard work that went into making the game. Your anguish was our reward!

There’s something else I have to ask your team since you’re all avid gamers yourselves. Tequila Works crashes on a deserted island. You brought five games to play for the rest of your lives. You have a magical console that can play games from every system, or whatever floats your boat. What would those five games be and why?

[RRM] Only 5? Let’s see… Mame, Steam, GOG, PSN and XBLA packed with all its titles!

[KG] That’s like every game ever!

[RRM] Ok, that’s cheating. Let’s see: Chrono Trigger, Ghouls ‘n Ghosts (if we could just pass the first level), Solomon’s Key, D&D: Shadow Over Mystara (for multiplayer madness), Marble Madness… But since I cannot count, we’d add Out Run, Metal Slug, Lemmings 2 and Shadow of the Beast (and its amazing soundtrack)

[KG] I’d say that selection definitely makes you guys some hardcore gamers (and I love how Marble Madness made your list). Good luck, and get to work on your next game for us!

[RRM] Thanks a lot! It has been a real pleasure. All the best from Tequila Works!