GRiD 2 Officially Announced

After the tease last week, Codemasters officially showed off GRiD 2 in trailer form. It showcases some thrilling world-spanning race footage culminating in a violent crash and revealing that the game is due in 2013. The official press release touts that only two of the game’s new locations were revaled in the trailer, and promises to make racing games exciting again. It also states that they’ll make sure to find a happy medium between sim and arcade racing, as well as dramatically improve the AI and physics.

A new only-specific career mode is also mentioned, and like current Codemasters releases, will use RaceNet to track your in-game accomplishments. Like with any launch announcement, they’re talking a big game, but Codemasters has really earned my trust by releasing some incredible racing games this gen to the point where I’m willing to believe that they truly will raise the bar once again. Will anything innovated in GRiD 2 wind up as standardized as the original’s flashback feature? Time will tell, and I can’t wait to experience GRiD 2 for myself when it releases next year.