Three Reasons Why Durango Auction is Legit

With many reporting that a legitimate Xbox Durango Dev Kit was auctioned on eBay, we decided to do some research to confirm it. Here are three points that prove the listing’s legitamacy:

Seller Has Zero Feedback

While some may say that a seller on eBay with zero feedback is likely a scam artist not to be trusted, we beg to differ. If you had a top-secret dev kit that you could potentially be prosecuted for selling, would you use your established username? We think not. That’s why the account was created on August 11th and has no record of sales.

Short Item Description

You may think someone selling one of the most currently in-demand items would want to include a lot of information. That’s not the case. The listing description states “This item comes with powercables, and a wired controller.” That’s more than enough information. We know it’s an item; we know it has power cables; we know it can be played. What more do you need? If the description went into detail about the item, he’d lose out on sales from those who want to crack it open.

Lack of Pictures

Sure, the seller could post a ton of pictures to prove he actually has the item, but why would he? Companies can be tricky with secret unreleased products and are known to secretly mark consoles in case one leaks out. If the seller posted pictures, he could expose this and Microsoft could know who he is. Plus, a picture of a black computer tower is more than enough evidence.

While we were understandably skeptical at first, these points make it indisputable that this is in fact the real deal. It would have been odd if news outlets reported on a fake eBay listing that could have taken anyone two minutes to create. It’s refreshing to know this is a legitimate story.