Don’t Have Enough Swag?

Want some free stuff courtesy of Microsoft? Start following the official  Xbox Twitter account and check-in every Wednesday to see that week’s contest. Questions will be about some of the year’s hottest upcoming titles. To enter, place @xbox at the beginning of the tweet, give your answer, and make sure to include #Swagfest in the message or it won’t be valid. You are only allowed one entry, so get it right. Each contest runs from 12 P.M. until 12 A.M. of the same day. Only twelve hours to submit entries.

If you answer the question correctly you could be enjoying some sweet swag in no time. Prizes include: t-shirts, limited edition games and consoles, even tickets to an NFL game and a WWE event. Check the full list of prizes and official rules here. The first question has been provided below, make sure to check Twitter every week for the rest. Good luck because we’ll be trying to win just as hard.