Handheld Gaming Ridiculously Expensive in Australia

While we knew games cost more in Australlia, we never could have imagined the margin for handheld games. A picture was posted on NeoGAF today showing New Super Mario Bros 2. selling for a whopping $69.99 AUD in the Australian eShop. That’s over $70 USD. While a $10 mark-up for a console game is understandable, a near 75% mark-up for a handheld game is ludicrous.

A search on popular Austriallian retailer JB HI-FI finds all new releases or upcoming titles ranging from $59-69. This isn’t a new development — 3DS games have cost this much for our Aussie brethren since launch. We’re just shocked it wasn’t common knowledge. Sorry, mates. Image: Vooks

 Image: Vooks