If You Can’t Beat Them, Buy Madden.

While many a mouth is foaming for Madden 13, some remain froth free and gaping at the thought of yet another Football game. NFL fans continue to gobble up the games yearly for important roster changes, while the unconverted question the purpose of purchasing a game with such minute additions.

Don’t take things out on EA or Madden. It isn’t their fault Football doesn’t change. Think about how risky it is to switch things up after establishing a franchise style (The Darkness II immediately comes to mind). It only makes sense to maintain normalcy from title to title, and there are several familiar franchises to share the blame. Plus, how do you shake up an NFL game once you have the formula down?

Whether you like it or not, Madden 2013 is to be released on 08/28/2012. Who cares if it’s the same game? Anything that can get Paul Rudd and Ray Rice in the same commercial has to be awesome.