THQ Slashes Marketing and Production Jobs

THQ is in dire straits at the moment as the company is losing money hand over fist. While the reverse stock split ensured they stayed listed in the NASDAQ, it isn’t looking too hot for the company, even if they just released a monumental game last week. Problems continue to stack as, according to a leaked email that was forwarded to 3D Realms founder, George Broussard, THQ will be reducing their marketing and production teams by twenty individuals.

Sent from President Jason Rubin himself, he states that they’re continuing to restructure THQ in many ways, but gamers may be happy to know that the development side of things will not be touched.

“It is worth pointing out that none of the development teams are effected, and we do not anticipate the reduction to have any impact whatsoever on the titles in production or the future scale of our output. “

Even with twenty jobs lost, Rubin does shed positive news that Volition expects to grow by around 20 new developers within the next 12 months. For all we know THQ is shifting assets to game development and marketing will be pushed to external parties, but the once prosperous company is changing in scary ways. Whether it will ensure the company’s safety or bite them in the ass is dependent on how they move forward in the next couple of months.

Source: George Broussard