Microsoft Drops Kinect’s Price

While Microsoft’s next-gen stalling device has been on sale numerous times in the past, the Kinect is finally getting a proper price cut. Announced through Major Nelson’s blog (also know as Larry Hryb), the Kinect’s MSRP will be reduced to $109.99, down 27% for anyone in North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific regions starting today. For anyone in Australia or New Zealand, the price drop will take effect on October 4th. Unfortunately, it was mentioned that there won’t be an immediate price cut for the European, Middle Eastern, African and Japanese audience.

Kinect has been struggling with a lack of releases for the device, let alone good games. Some titles have been able to use the Kinect’s functionality to enhance the experience, such as the surprisingly handy quick save feature in Mass Effect 3, but we need more hybrids and ground shaking exclusives.