Indie Face Kick Bundle Released

This new bundle brings together Adam’s Venture, Desert Gunner, Hard Truck: Apocalypse, Hellforces, Operation Matriarchy, and The Entente: Battlefields World War. It’s a fairly unique blend of FPSes and RTSes alongside other action-oriented games like Desert Gunner and Hard Truck: Apocalypse. Unlike most bundles, this one is available in physical form as well. $8 nets you the bundle as a download, while $25 gets you the download and the bundle on a USB drive, while $14 will get you the USB drive.

All of the games are available as DRM-free downloads, but you don’t get Steam or Desura keys, so if those are huge deal-breakers for you, this might not be the bundle for you unless a couple of the games interest you since the minimum cost is higher than most bundles.