Senran Kagura Burst is Not Safe For Work

A few months ago, we posted the Senran Kagura Burst intro. In it, girls swapped clothing mid-air and fought with their derrières. A four-minute long trailer has now been released that digs deeper into the title. The trailer manages to show off gameplay, which actually looks pretty smooth, while cementing its “incredibly weird” status. A few trailers in, we still haven’t seen a girl sporting anything less than a DD.

The 3DS game is due out 8/30 in Japan and will never, ever, ever come to the U.S. If you feel comfortable enough to import it, go for it, by all means. It’s one of the first handheld games that probably shouldn’t leave your house, though.

Warning: The bulk of the trailer features close-ups of said assets as they burst from underneath their shirts. Watch at your own risk.