State of Decay: Zombie Survival Dream Come True?

The folks over at Undead Labs have released a trailer for their upcoming title, State of Decay. While similar to other survival horror games — complete with running, sneaking, decapitating, shooting, and of course dying — it has something to make surviving more interesting: building. In State of Decay, players will be able to create and fortify settlements to defend against the undead; all part of an open, sandbox world where your actions determine the shape of the game. Perhaps a nice antique armoire will be just the piece to block your windows from the ravenous zombies outside?

When surviving the impending zombie apocalypse is discussed, one of the first things mentioned is where to live. Some say an island, some say a tower, while others have suggested simply placing treadmills around their home. With State of Decayyou may be able to explore some of those options. We’re not sure how zombie-proof they can get, but you *should* be safe.

There is a distinct Grand Theft Auto feel when watching the preview. Besides driving around stolen vehicles, you can curb stomp decayed walking flesh bags.  Sound familiar?