Ace Attorney To Again Be Relevant

It’s been a while since we last heard from our second favorite courtroom game series (the first being Law & Order). While the game was a sleeper hit back in 2006, the popularity in the U.S. slowly dwindled up until the last outing over two years ago. While it’s as popular as ever in Japan (evidenced by the Takashi Miike film adaption), it’s high time the game gets rebooted in the states; and what better way to do so than an iOS port?

Previously rumored, the entire Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney trilogy will be making its way to iOS in HD this fall. The trilogy will feature all of the content of the DS versions refined for touch screens. With its text-heavy gameplay, it seems like a natural fit for a smartphone adaption. While it won’t be avalible for Android, the app will be absolutely free to download (with the games themselves costing money to access). Details; minor details.

If that isn’t enough, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy HD will also include an “Everybody Object” mode to “help players communicate their displeasure of everyday situations with the help of popular Ace Attorney characters and sayings.” With a touch of a button, famous Ace Attorney phrases like “Objection!”, “Hold it!’, and “TAKE THAT!” can be emailed or tweeted to friends along with an image.

Well, that sounds annoying.

Regardless, check out some screenshots below: