Twisted Pixel Puts the Loco in…LocoCycle

Twisted Pixel is insane. It takes guts to follow up an adorable purple people eating space monster that gleefully devoured Earth with a lab-created fire monster that blew scientists into meat chunks. So, what’s next for Twisted Pixel? LocoCycle, a game where a human hangs off the back of an intelligent motorcycle and blows up robots at high speed. You know, the regular.

While you may think said human would be the focus, it’s actually the motorcycles. A two-time Valedictorian of Big Arm’s School of Assasination, protagonist cycle I.R.I.S is a master of over forty forms of unarmed combat. She also likes to randomly quotes movies with no indication of the intended inflection (“Yippie kay-yay, [insert profanity]”). If that wasn’t enough, T2’s Robert Patrick will be voicing S.P.I.KE., the archenemy of I.R.I.S.

Twisted Pixel deserves kudos for not taking gaming too seriously and producing unique, ludicrous titles that are actually fun to play. Now they just need to make a “LocoRocoCycle” and we’ll be all set. Check out the first gameplay trailer, as well as video highlighting the voice talent, below.

Gameplay First Look: 

Voice Talent “Behind the Scenes”: