Fractured Soul Set For 3DS eShop in September

Originally set for a retail release, Fractured Soul will be making its way to the 3DS 3Shop September 13th. The game is an action-platformer in which players must shift between two dimensions (represented on each screen) to blast through levels. With 5 distinct worlds, it should certainly offer a good amount of replay value — especially considering its $11.99 price tag.

As seen in the trailer below, Fractured Soul seems to handle the 3DS’ capabilities in unique and intriguing ways — with online rankings to boot.

Just check out how publisher NV3 describes it:

“Remember when games actually required skill, and the only way to build skill was to play, play, Play!? You’d play with your friends until blisters bubbled and burned, taking it in turns to beat challenging puzzles and you’d listen closely to the game’s hearbeat to try and work out what the next move would be. The kind of game that required brain power, relfexes of a cat and nerves of steel to overcome. Fractured Soul is that game!”

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