Dishonored Rat Assassin Free for iPod and iPhone

No matter how many times it’s said, it’s still true: free is good, games are great, and free games knock socks off.  In case Dishonored isn’t coming out fast enough for your liking, Bethesda released a fun little rat inspired game to keep the tease alive.

Dishonored Rat Assassin is a fun little game with a simple goal: destroy all rats. By means of blade and crossbow (w/bolts and explosive tips), dice up the little diseased critters until there’s nothing left. Don’t hit the bombs, and complete the objective. There are a few neat unlocks for the game including different scores, backgrounds, and bonus items. The three modes to play include Challenge mode, Assassin mode, and Timed mode. Challenge mode asks you to complete tasks within a time limit like dismember rats as they walk through the spotlight. Timed mode gives you a certain amount of time to chop up the rodents. Assassin mode gives the player a set life bar, depleted by missed rats and struck bombs, and has the player go at it. Eventually get yourself hyped up in bloodthirst mode and get some berserker adrenaline kills. Even take down mega rats (which I swore were cats until I killed one). I dare you to beat my high score of 34,080 and retweet it to Hardcore Gamer @thetrueHG

As the game has loose affiliations with Dishonored, you have to imagine some of the basic elements are sneak peaks of powers and story. In the trailer, for example, there’s a nice little time stop kill as the main character attacks his enemy. In Rat Assassin, there’s a time slow button that allows you to attack rats with superhuman speed. There are also quotes on the backgrounds that I assume will appear frequently in the game like “You cannot kill the rat plague” and “Curfew enforced dusk til dawn.”

As far as promo games, Rat Assassin isn’t bad (plus, its free). If the minigames aren’t for you, hop into the About menu and take a look at the 4+ minute long trailer of Dishonored.