Michael Clarke Duncan, Your Voice Will Be Missed

As news circulates about the death of Michael Clarke Duncan, many have taken a retrospective look at his impressive Hollywood resume. Duncan captured the spirit of many characters, most notably John Coffey in the film adaptation of The Green Mile. His smile, voice, and dominating on-screen presence will certainly be missed. Though Duncan conquered the big screen, he also contributed to quite a few blockbuster video game experiences through his unforgettable voice. We decided to take a look back at some of his most memorable voice acting performances:

Benjamin King – Saints Row

Saints Row has grown into one of the most recognized open-world juggernauts of our time. Many of us remember the original feuding factions in the first game, and few of us could forget Benjamin King, Vice King’s leader. His character was one of the most complicated villains and his defeat was almost a moment of sadness. If the Vice King’s story arc was completed first, it meant an early peak to most gamers since many felt the semi chase final battle was the highlight boss of the game. Duncan brought out the best and scariest parts of Ben King, and helped create a long, bright future for the Saint’s Row franchise.

Atlas – God of War II

Everyone and their grandma played God of War II. Some of the coolest parts in the game were when Kratos and Atlas crossed paths. Atlas was larger than life (literally). SCE obviously needed a boisterous voice, and Duncan was definitely the best man for the job. God of War has always been known for its memorable characters, and again, Duncan executed, making this mega titan one for the books. No offense Tatasciore, but Duncan was definitely missed in Chains of Olympus.

Blackmore – The Suffering: Ties That Bind

The Suffering was one of the coolest horror genre titles of the PS2 and XBOX era. Suffering: Ties That Bind, was that sequel that snuck into the party because it was related to the first one. Regardless, it was still a fun play, and one of the few great parts about it was Blackmore. Eventually revealed to the player (not that it wasn’t fairly obvious) that Blackmore was, in fact, Torque’s alter ego, it was at least a pleasure to hear Duncan’s voice as the game progressed. Actually, having played this game again recently, it was definitely a better experience because of his rumbly vocals.