G4 Meets its End

Remember when G4 was good? Certainly been a long time since that was a true statement, but ever since the merge with Tech TV something went wrong, horribly, horribly wrong, suddenly G4 decided that video game programming wasn’t what a video game channel called for anymore. Since then, the only “video game” show that was left was X-play, and in some parts Attack of the Show, but even then they found ways to ruin themselves. Other than the fact they’re most popular hosts, Adam Sessler and Kevin Pereira of each show decided to quit.

Sources indicate NBCUniversal has decided to give G4 a makeover and make the channel more “chic” and “guy-centric”, because it apparently hadn’t already strayed enough from gaming with its reruns of Cheaters, and Cops. Even though we already have a channel centered on what is “believed” that guys want in a channel, Spike TV, G4 was slowly becoming like an offspring of that channel, so if anything they’re just continuing where it left off.

What does this mean with what was left of the channel’s original identity? Allegedly there still will be some shows geared towards the techies and gamers, but odds are it still won’t be anywhere near as good as what G4 had to offer during its first 2 years. Will X-play or Attack of the Show still be around once the change has been made? Maybe the hosts, but not the shows themselves I’d imagine.

What about stuff only G4 talked about like E3, Comic con, Tokyo game show and the like? Only time will tell.

The change is reported to take place in 2013. So better enjoy those reruns of cops; they may be your last.