Arctic Thunder Spiritual Successor SnoCross Debuts

Remember Arctic Thunder? It was the snowmobile game launched in arcades ten years ago that actually blowed you with cool air as you played. Not only did the air blast make the game realistic (even with N64-ish graphics), but it was incredibly addictive. While it must have been a success, highlighted by the fact that you can still find them in the wild (with the air blowers still working; that’s a well-built cab!), an update was never released.

While SnoCross isn’t officially related to the game, it’s clear where the inspiration comes from. Created by Raw Thrills (practically the only company producing non-redemption arcade games), the game comes in both 32″ and a 42″ deluxe flavors, features a swivel seat, seat rumbler and, of course, air blowers. Seven tracks with six racers are featured and up to 8 units can be linked. It also features a unique QR code scoring system that players can snap with their smartphone and upload their score to Twitter/Facebook. It carries the “Winter X Games” branding to help attract the youngins.

While the game isn’t officially for sale yet, pictures from an arcade operator have been posted on KLOV of the first units being tested in the wild. Hopefully it gets adopted into more arcades soon, as they make an excellent cool down for hot days at the ‘cade. Am I am lame if I admit I used Arctic Thunder as a cool down between DDR rounds?