Ubiktune Bundle: Pilot Launches – Get 7 Chiptune Albums for $1

If you love chiptune music, this wackily-named bundle is for you. A mere dollar gets you Rhythm ‘n Bits, Tracer, Roots, Fakebit 2010, The Wave, Zeta Force, and Game Genie. The last one doesn’t grant you invincibility, infinite lives, or act as a pass-through for Super Famicom games, but does provide you with music to listen to.Along with all of that great stuff for a buck, they also provide you with links to get a lot of free music as well. If you missed the Double Dragon Neon OST last week, here’s another chance to get it. You can also snag Canabait’s OST, Masada Gestait, Chiptunes=WIN, and hit up ii Music for a ton of (mostly) free albums as well. The low asking price of a mere dollar makes the Ubiktune bundle a must-buy personally, and I’ll definitely give some of the non-DDN freebie tunes a shot as well. After all, the weekend is approaching, and what better way to spend it than listening to some tunes while relaxing and making sure that the couch is still comfortable.