Wizard of Oz Pinball Cabinet Pics Released

As Stern Pinball has dominated the pinball market the past decade, it’s refreshing to see a table released from another company. Comprised of veterans of the industry, Jersey Jack Pinball’s first table is ready to go less than two years since their formation. As it’d be impossible to compete with Stern with an original table, and the rights to license current hot properites must be outrageous, The Wizard of Oz seems like a smart place to start. There’s likely not a person (any age) who doesn’t recognize the franchise and the “exploration/adventure” nature of the film seems like a perfect fit for pinball. Dubbed, the “Emerald City Limited Edition Wizard of Oz Pinball Machine”, the table should be making its appearance in the wild in a matter of months.

Check out the final pics of the cab below; if it gets you excited, you can pre-order your very own for just $7,000 plus shipping.

Source: Arcade Heroes